Boek: Self-Working Handkerchief Magic


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Occasie boek met normale gebruikssporen. Geen notities, markeringen of scheuren.
In de Engelse Taal (daarom Engelstalige omschrijving).

Handkerchiefs are some of the handiest props in performing magic and Karl Fulves shows you how to get full use out of them, even if you’re just a beginner. These are 61dazzling tricks that anyone can do with only moderate practice, including those that usually require advanced sleight-of-hand. Before long you’ll be passing a pencil through a handkerchief without making a hole, having a volunteer walk through “solid” ribbons as she holds a frees a handkerchief that ties them together, and more. The instructions are clear and the ample illustrations make them all the easier to follow.

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Afmetingen 21.6 × 13.3 × 1.3 cm